Norman mathews winter hill fell race

Well i dragged myself from bed at 06:30 this morning to get my gear ready for the Norman Mathews winter hill fell race.

Looking out of the window the weather seemed quite bad, with very low mist even at Chorley.

I walked to the bus station with all the camera gear and got the 08:05 bus to horwich, meeting my friend on route.

We got off at Georges lane in horwich and made our way up to winter hill.

Visibility was down to about 15/20 metres at this point (08:30 ish).

We made our way to the tv station mast and headed to check point 5.

Not a soul in sight apart from two camper vans parked up with the curtains closed.

We wandered over to check point 6 (trig point) the road was lethal with black ice, it was like glass.

Still nobody about and the time was getting on now. its was about 09:30.

I checked a couple of web sites to see if the race had been cancelled but i could`nt get any signal.

We headed back to check point 5 and noticed signs of life.

a couple of people from Bolton mountain rescue had turned up followed by two race marshalls.

We didn’t have long to wait for the race leaders to come through the mist, my fingers were freezing by this point.

I think i took a total of 354 photos but run out of space on my card (dam).


We watched quite a few coming through but id used all space up on my camera so we set off back down towards Belmont road.

The temperature got a lot better down here and we started to warm up quite quickly.

Runners were still coming down behind us as we went over the last foot bridge to go home over the moors.

 We headed for old rachel`s (farm) and onto lead mine Clough, but we came a bit unstuck around here as the mist had dropped really low to around 5/10 metres visibility.

We got lost for about 10 mins but soon picked up the correct route to lead mine Clough.

we passed parsons bullough turning right past yarrow reservoir and down to anglezarke reservoir.

the top of my back was killing me by this point going through lands end and waring farm.

I left les and his kids here at kay`s farm and i headed up heapey fold lane and over Healey nab/grey heights view.

I think we covered 13 mile in total, my feet were soaked as i did`nt take my gaiters so my feet on getting home looked like i had trench foot.

But it was a good day out other than the weather, just hope its clearer for next year.


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