Hi all,

Ive not been out for a run for a week due to the birth of our son, ive not had any sleep at all, just grabbing bits here and there.

Today i decided to run up to great hill farm, just under great hill.

The run started at white coppice although i ran from old baguley lane and unde higher healey nab.

These shots where taken at white coppice.

This path is always caked in mud, with water running off the field next to it.

So this is where my feet got soaked even before id started the run properly.

The ground was pretty tough going, soft and muddy to frozen.

I thought going up black dean brook may be a bit slippy on the rocks, but it wasnt that bad at all.

The temprature seemed to change at the mouth of dean black brook and it seemed as though the mist was dropping as i got further up.

I felt a bit shaky as i made my way through, so i tried to take on board some brivita breakfast biscuits but i found it really hard to get these down.

(above entering dean black brook)

After i got past the brook i took a left and headed for great hill farm.

The path before i cut off continues up to great hill, but i was already shot from the lack off sleep.

(great hill is just out of shot and to the right of the above picture)

The trek across to great hill farm was very boggy, so my feet got a real good soaking.

(Great hill in the distance)

on my way back down to white coppice i took a fall and rolled a bit, i got to my knees to make sure nobody had seen me go down ( pheeew) nobody about.

I did a total of 8 mile, which is not bad for me since ive not been running long.

you can look at the route on under my name sgtcrane160871

so till next time…..

Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog…


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